A Shirt-Related Post That Does Not Star Mickey

by thoughtsonthedead


How solidly implanted is the name of Bobby’s current lead guitarist in his head? Like, if you shook Bobby awake from a nap and yelled at him* “Who’s soloing right now!?” Bobby would give you a list of names, right?

“Big Guy? Redhead? Warren Haynes? Ah, that little pretty fucker.”


I was the first person to do the Let Trey Sing bit, and if you have evidence of any nature to contradict me on this, then please just delete the file and accept my statement as reality.

Let Trey Sing was my joke and then Bobby wore it in Chicago and no one treated me like I was special. (My bros Chris and Martin treated me like I was special, but that’s because: A, they’re pretty special themselves; and B, there is no B.)


If you add a comma, you can use Bobby’s shirt to tell a tennis player of mixed heritage (Black mother and Chinese father, but living in America and therefore following Western naming conventions) that her serve has hit the net.


Will everyone be playing Strats? Because that will be an interesting sound that the Grateful Dead never employed. Iron Maiden does all-Strat; there’s a time and a place for it, I suppose.


Those shorts are from Bobby’s autumn collection.


This is clearly a hint about the free show. Trey will definitely be there and you should tell everyone you meet on the internet that information.

* Please do not do this to any living creature, but especially to a Grateful Dead. You know what’ll happen if you do it to Billy, so why would you feel free to waltz in here and start shaking Bobby like he was a bad baby?

Don’t shake babies.

No, of course not. You should never shake babies. You should shake bad babies.

You should be shaken.

That would be nice. I would meet someone.