Unbox Of Rain

by thoughtsonthedead

I don’t know if I can write any more.

Finally admitting you’ve exhausted the topic?

Oh, no: this dead horse can be kicked for a good deal longer. I was talking about the music.


The 30 Trips sampler. It goes chronologically, one song per year.

What’s the problem?

This is not how the Grateful Dead goes. The Dead goes “little song, little song, loud song, Scarlet>Fire, drummers do stuff, long bunch of bullshit, US Blues.”

Take this as an opportunity to relisten to the songs in a different context.

I don’t want to. I want the thing I like to be the way I like it.

Would it make you happy to watch a mustache with a guy attached do one of those “unpacking” videos for the box set?

Personally, I’m ambivalent, but maybe someone else might.

Okay, champ.