Look For A Sign

by thoughtsonthedead

Reports about the box set are flooding in and the news is that a small number of Enthusiasts will have a “golden ticket” that wins them a gold record. Like, an actual gold record from the Dead? A replica like those plastic batting helmets popular in the 80’s? I don’t know: there is a contest and the winner will receive “a personalized Grateful Dead 30 Trips RIAA-certified Gold Record plaque”.

What does that mean?

No idea. A geegaw of some sort.


Gold. So, yeah.

Y’know what would’ve been better?


If they did it like at hockey games. A few box sets would have Phil’s signature and if you got one of those, you got a shot on goal from center ice, but there was a plexiglass shielld over it that left a tiny little opening


The contest has different names regionally, I believe.

The New Jersey Devils called it Score-O. Where would you even do this?

Sharks game?

And what would be the prize?

For guys: dinner at Phil’s place, half-off excluding drinks and dessert.

What if a woman wins?

Billy sticks it in her for a few minutes.

We’re done.