Pig Weighs In

by thoughtsonthedead

pig bw congas hat
“American Express?! My backup band done got inta bidness with the American Express?”

Seems like it, Pig. Some of them, at least.

“Y’take your eye off somebody for 45 years and look what happens.”

You said it.

“They turned me down flat, those moneylenders did!”


“Sent me a letter sayin’ they didn’t want my custom! The ol’ Pig pays his damn bills! It was th’ rest o’them layabouts couldn’t write a check and they got me profiled, they did!”

Did they give you a reason?

“Said ‘Pigpen’ wasn’t no real name.”

That’s because it isn’t. What’s your real name again?

“Pig Pennington!”

Oh, knock it off.

“Aw, I’m jus’ funnin’ ya.”

You think things were better back then?

“Dunno about that. Seem to remember gettin’ busted a lot.”