A Modest Question

by thoughtsonthedead

CNBC is all for American Express and the band it just rented, and you can read many rationalizations here. (Be warned: auto-play, because Capitalism has entered its terminal phase in which it annoys the people into revolution.)

I have a small question, and my inability to answer it might be based in my education: I did not study business or economics, choosing instead to major in History of the Shakers, with a minor in the Quakers. (Or maybe vice versa: I have only vague memories of school.)

Anyway: the tickets (half of them, at least) to the free show on 11/7 are being given away for free, and it is hoped that the winners will contribute to the chosen charity, which for some reason is not the Rex Foundation. The webcast will also (I assume) be free and it is likewise hoped that viewers will give.

But, you know: they might not. Deadheads tend to forget stuff, or lose their wallets and mean to find them but then the second set starts and they fall asleep. So American Express has guaranteed the donation and paid the security deposit on MSG, in return for as much advertising as they get. I know Bobby was saying nice things about the Amex people, but Bobby also talks about his long friendship with Jimi Hendrix: sometimes Bobby just says stuff. Those fuckers are trying to get their logo on every non-moving surface in that building.

So here’s the question: why not simply charge people for the seats and then just give the money to charity? Garden holds 20k: if you told people it was for charity and announced a special guest (Branford, Bruce, Trey,) then people would gladly pay a hundred a pop. That’s two million gross and even though I cannot even begin to do the math it seems like there would be a lot left after taxes and stuff.

It seems like things have been needlessly complicated for very little reward, at least for the side we’re rooting for.

What do I know, though?