Freshly Picked

by thoughtsonthedead

Enthusiasts are always saying to me: David Lemieux knows wine, TotD, but does he know the Grateful Dead? And I’ll answer: Not according to the comment boards on, but if you ask people who aren’t monomaniacal lunatics, then he’s got a pretty good track record.

Dave’s 16th Pick is from 3/28/73 at the Springfield Civic Center in Springfield, MA, and it’s a massive, 30-song show with a half-hour Dark Star: if there exists a Dead show which causes an Enthusiast to cry “yield!” then it is this one. It is clearly far too much Dead for the unprepared mind; merely the opener, a rare and sprightly Cumberland, would cause a newcomer to the Dead’s dong to explode. This is graduate level Dead.

Go for the upgrade and buy the thing, or just watch David Lemieuxmasandthepappas wax enthusiastic about it over at the official site, but be forewarned: you might not recognize David without his wind; he has wandered a few miles inland and there is neither a pervasive sea breeze nor does he get distracted by gulls or seals.

A further forewarning (a fivewarning?): keep to the article, stay off the comments. That way madness lies.