Beat It On Down The Wine

by thoughtsonthedead

Raise A Glass Of The Grateful

When you think of wine, you think of Canadian archivists, so this Cabernet Sauvignon (that’s French for “the stuff that’s not Merlot”) blended by David Lemieuxscatel will delight the palates of both rich winos, who are called oenophiles, and poor winos, who are called winos.

I’m not knowledgeable enough about wine to know whether “blending” is an actual thing that layman can do, or just ad copy bullshit. Is there an actual blender involved? This is what I see happening:



“Missin’ something, eh?”


“Hand me that cup of Tim Horton’s”




“There ya go.”

(Fun fact: the person David was talking to in that little skit was Whoopi Goldberg. They’re friends.)

Wait: I know what happened now. This is the website for the plonk and this paragraph is on it:

Starting with sourcing premium grapes for this special Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon, we brought in Grateful Dead archivist David Lemieux for a one-on-one blending session at the vineyard with our top winemakers, and wrapped it all up in a one-of-a-kind bottle that brings to life the great essence and personality of the Dead.

Someone got himself a Napa vacation is what I’m getting from that blurb, plus a couple of cases of wine to throw in the trunk for the ride home. I fully approve of this licensing decision.

Finally–and I hate to nitpick–all wine is limited edition. By definition.