Rat In A (Beverly Hills) Drain Ditch

by thoughtsonthedead

Wait, does this mean that the rest of the tour isn’t going to be webcasted? Even this league can’t be this bush.

Also, as long as we’re asking questions, here’s a good one: precisely what value does Brett Ratner bring to the table? Someone in the Dead Or What’s Left Of ‘Em should look into this, and I’ll await the reply: What are you paying Brett Ratner? vs. How many people will tune in because of Brett Ratner?

It’s just a band, and not even that anymore. Little bit of choogly-type music to get you through your day: the Dead never actually, you know, mattered. This certainly shouldn’t.

It shouldn’t matter at all that it’s turned into Hollywood bullshit, and mediocre Hollywood bullshit at that.