Put A Brett Ratner On It

by thoughtsonthedead

[PDF] Brett Ratner and Mariah
Hey, Brett Ratner.

“Yo. Having a killer day, bro. Killin’ it.”

Yeah. You definitely don’t look like the guy with the coke.


Nothing. So, what’s your favorite Dead song?

“Oh, I like ’em all, man.”


“The thing about the Dead’s songs is each one of them is so different, but there’s that them, y’know, that theme of America and style and passion and achievement–”


“–that really always resonated with me. And the authenticity! I could talk all day about the authenticity.”

I have no doubt that you could. Brett?


Name one Dead song.

“Y’know, you’re insulting me a little here.”

One song.

Drivin’, drivin’ in my caaaaar. Drivin’, gonna go so faaaaar.”

Let’s not talk about this anymore.

“Talk about what? You wanna bump?”

Do I have to talk to you afterwards?



“More for Mariah.”