Cosmick Slop

by thoughtsonthedead

Someone could probably link to it in the Comment Section, but I just screenshotted this: it is actually a video in which Mickey shows us how he funks to the rhythm.

I have a question or two:

When did “funk” get brought into this? Does Mickey think the Dead is funky? Did Mickey type “choogly” and the auto-correct kicked in? Is the Dead-Or-What’s-Left-Of-Them now funky? Did one of the new members bring the funk with him? Is it racist to assume it was Oteil?

Is Mickey doing the robot? If not, could we get someone to teach Mickey the robot? Are you telling me you wouldn’t want to see that? Maybe Jeff Chimenti could do the worm?

Jeff Chimenti: alive?

How does Mickey move me? Aggressively? Violently? Feloniously? Is this Instagram’s way of telling me that Mickey is going to sew fishing line to my limbs and turn to me into a human marionette?

Has there ever been a moment with Mickey that had the same amount of answers as questions?