Thoughts on the Dead

Musings on the Most Ridiculous Band I Can't Stop Listening To

Short Break

I have Mono. Posts will recommence when I can maintain an upright position for more than five minutes.

Weir Dryer

bobby sweaty hairdryer

Bobby didn’t know why he always sweat an exact map of the ancient super-continent Pangaea.

Phil had many theories.

Mickey And Billy On The Spot

mickey billy portapoties

Immediately after this picture was taken, Mickey and Billy commandeered the golf cart and drove it into the porta-potties. They were empty, however; no one was injured.

Dozens of people were injured when Mickey and Bobby drove the cart into the crowd. Also, both they and the vehicle were completely covered in people-dirt at this point, so it was just disgusting and a bunch of people got Cholera.

God Bless America

bobby mickey willy

Doobies were smoked.

The Glamorous Life

jery yuck bobby trailers

Garcia looks like he needs a bowl of soup and some conversation about Jesus.


bobby hansen

Even after being informed–repeatedly and in clear language–what the deal was, Bobby still wanted to bang the one on the left.

Blurry Garcia

bobby jery phil blurry

It’s not the photo: they’re actually so high they’re out of focus.

Thought On White Jeans

White jeans are for guys who own snakes.

Two-For-One Day At Big-Dicked Sheila’s

billy boby phil yay mickey

Oh, Bobby. We’ll get to you.

Mickey has stolen Billy’s mustache in the photo above, but been nice enough to leave him (Billy) one of his (Mickey’s) shirts (Dead). Billy looks odd without the lip-mongoose: where does he hide his secrets and dreams?

Phil is trying out a new thing where he shows the crowd his package while dropping a Phil Bomb; he calls it ‘the Presidential Suite” and Jill told him she liked it but she was lying.

Seriously, Mickey: give Billy his mustache back.

Is that corn behind them?

And finally: Bobert Herbert Walker Weir. The amount of photos of you in which one cannot decide what the worst thing is, is astonishing. It’s the goofy-bastard version of DiMaggio’s hitting streak.

You found, for example, the one thing that doesn’t go with the color white. Besides jeans, obviously. White jeans are for premature ejaculators and spokespeople for terrorist organizations.

Also, the fact that you and Phil have THE EXACT SAME HAIRCUT is kinda freaking me out over here.

Also also: rape whistle.

The Security Of Tenure

jerry sweats slippies 1

“Almost showtime, Garcia. You wanna get changed?”


“No reason.”


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