Thoughts on the Dead

Musings on the Most Ridiculous Band I Can't Stop Listening To

You, Too?

The Dead also released a secret surprise album, but it was just that they forgot to tell the record company.

Fleetwood, Mick

Much like Stevie Nicks, Mickey was also impregnated by Don Henley.

Gumbel Stumble

If you don’t watch football, then not only did you miss the chance to see–in real time–men take years off of their lives, but also the Quote of the Day: about an NFL coach (and it doesn’t matter which one; they’re all just variations on the iconic American Competitive Dad), Greg Gumbel mentioned that “Like most NFL head coaches, he’s passionate about football.”

Game Of Time, Wheel Of Thrones

Phil once wrote a seven-book fantasy series about a warrior named Morningstar Nightsword and his lusty but mute Amazon companion Boobara. Within three chapters, the work turned into a jeremiad against the service department at the local Lotus dealership.

Ilegal Contact

Billy recently met Green Bay defensive back HaHa Clinton-Dix; it went predictably.

Sing Yourself Back Home

bobby 77 sunglasses stick

“Something else about the Aborigines, down there in Australia: they follow the Songlines. Thousands of verses long, they contain as any languages as there are stars in the sky. Tongues from this reality and the Dreamtime.

“Sometimes the song is a duet, you see…

“Since our world was breathed into existence, the Songlines have been there to get you from one place to another. They’re an oral map: the tempo tells you the distance, the lyrics the directions. Sing it right and you’ll never take a step out of turn.

“Sing it wrong, and you wander into the Outback and down the food chain.

“Worse things than animals out there, too…”

Time Sheath Technology Is Not For Everyone

if you’re only 20 minutes into a movie* and you’ve asked yourself, “Wait: she can time travel now?” it’s time to watch a documentary or read a book.

*X-Men: Days of Future Past.

Mickeyleaks #57

Between his lack of a proper grounding in the social sciences and his rather short attention span, no one took Brent’s claims to be either a “Women’s Libertarian” or a “Richard Marxist” very seriously.

Tune In, Tokyo

phil oh yeah

This is the expression of a man who went searching for the Missing Chord and found a blowjob in a Mariott.

Mick’s Prick: Nicked

jerry bobby mickey magic trick

The Bris went poorly.


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