Thoughts on the Dead

Musings on the Most Ridiculous Band I Can't Stop Listening To

You Can’t Get Rid Of Joan!

go to heaven with joan baez

I’m pretty sure this was photshopped in some way, though…

Also: Joan Baez sucks.

He’s Wearing That Hat Again, Isn’t He #9


I can’t look at either of you right now.

Mickeyleaks #50

Billy was the Patient Zero for the Ebola outbreak.

Let Me Mask You Something

This cosplay stuff is getting creepy.

Thoughts On The Drugs

  1. Don’t do all your drugs at once.
  2. Pick a substance and stick with it.
  3. Stay away from powders and pills.
  4. Fuck needles.
  5. All drugs require poke-y, scrape-y things.
  6. Don’t take pictures.
  7. Always split Aces and Eights.
  8. If you do “research chemicals,” that means you’re the test subject.
  9. You must pretend to like your dealer: those are the rules.
  10. Nitrous? Really?
  11. You’ll feel way better after you puke.
  12. Everybody gets burned.
  13. You always have to wait.
  14. If you’re wedging drugs up your ass, then perhaps the drug experience has lost a bit of novelty.
  15. Don’t be that guy.
  16. Puff, puff, pass.
  17. If you refer to a substance strictly by a nickname because to use its actual name would be a reminder of what you’re doing to yourself–Persian–then perhaps a step or twelve back is in order.
  18. Don’t drive, asshole.
  19. Legal doesn’t equal safe.
  20. The reason people do drugs is because drugs make you feel good.
  21. Who told you that you were supposed to feel good all the time?

I Learned It By Watching You, Dad

HAL, Ultron, Skynet, the Matrix: whenever a computer gains sentience, the very first thing it does is attempt to destroy all humans. Doesn’t check its email, use the john, nothing: right to the old death to all fleshy things.

This says far more about us than it does about technology, it seems.

Barely A Thought At All

Every time Dave Lemieux and Jeffrey Norman start drinking tequila, they start patrolling the streets and handing out rough justice as thr superhero team of Wow & Flutter.

Hey: you spelled DL’s name right.

You mean David “Chesty” Larieux?

Today’s gonna be fun, isn’t it?

The “A” Is For “Asshole”

There’s a dictionary’s worth of words that can follow the phrase, “Don’t hit women.”

“But” is not one of them. There are very, very few exceptions for “however.” For example: “Don’t hit women; however, you can beat the shit out of Lady Hitler.” (Obviously, there is quite a bit of Time Sheath technology at play here and Bear is heavily involved.)

Fifteen’ll Get You Twenty

I’m not saying Billy and Bobby liked their foxes young, but once one of them referred to a break in lovemaking as “recess.”

God As My Witness, I Wrote This In My Sleep

The plight of undocumented workers has been at the forefront of some of the smartest minds in the country for years now, but no one’s given any thought to the undocumented sex workers.

Just off the top of my head: Billy has never filled out one scrap of paperwork, nor sat through any of the federally mandated OSHA lecture.

A low-level mandarin once asked Billy for a simple signature, so he stole a backhoe (fine: he carjacked the backhoe,) and carved “Music theater movie like the beach of all time ” right into the rotunda of the food court

People were surprisingly okay with the whole thing ss it made no sense whatsoever.


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