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The Sunshine Boys

mickey bobby acoustic

“Mickey. Mickey Hart. We were in the Grateful Dead together, Bobby.”

“If you say so, Mark.”


Bag, Man

One of the revelations in the new film about Bobby, The Other One, opening in New York now-ish and coming to platforms near you presently, is that he used to carry Garcia’s stash for him. Bobby didn’t like Persian, so the stash would remain un-dipped-into, and he would parcel out a little bit to Garcia at a time.

There is no level on which that is not dysfunctional, but love is love and loyalty is loyalty. Bobby chose sides a long time ago; so did Garcia.

Autosave-File vom d-lab2/3 der AgfaPhoto GmbH

Thy loved each other.

Eight Times Nine

band onstage 72

This picture couldn’t be more ’72 if it were of Nixon dunking McGovern’s head in the toilet and blaming it on outside agitators and the Jews.

And The Unicorn You Rode In On

jerry unicorn

I’m pretty sure–and I’m not an expert, mind you–that this has been ‘shopped in some way.

Amazing Grace

bobby grace potter miniskirt

“Hello, young lady. Would you like an autograph and a good going-over?”

“Bobby, my name’s Grace. I’m your opening act. We’ve been on tour for five weeks. We’re currently doing a duet together.”

“Not ringing a bell.”

The One

billy behind onstage

Billy is seen here holding down the beat so Mickey can bang on his tom-toms and cowbell.

Dancin’ Machine

When Billy did the Stanky Leg, it was your leg that got stanky.

Hi Phil

bobby phil hi mom donna jerry 78

Bobby’s hair just made the Kessel Run in less than 12 parsecs and, for this evening’s performance will be played by Gary Cole

Plus, if you’ve read Phil’s book, you’ll recognize this as their SNL appearance in ’78: Phil had that “Hi Mom” shirt made up  and he was ridiculously proud of it. Sawbuck says he still has it tucked away in a closet somewhere.

And, Garcia is–as usual–totally aware of where the cameras are and which one is on and is completely playing to it; he would later declare television “jive, man” and Dan Aykroyd would agree with him.

Mrs. Donna Jean is a pirate.

Such Gusto

jerry 69 Sg hockey jersey yay


Gonna Party Like It’s Your Earth Day

For a band so heavily associated with the left, the Dead had a complicated and at times shaky relationship with environmentalism. Right off the bat, there was Brent’s whaling. Even the Japanese distanced themselves from it after they saw Brent’s methods, which involved stripping to his waist, sacrificing a war-bride, and just hurling himself off the boat like a crazy person to slide down the whale’s gullet and kill it from the inside.

Brent would burst forth from the blubber, having cut himself free with the knife he made out of his father’s bones. “TO THE OIL OF THE BEAST!” he would wail as he took a bit from the beast’s heart. The rest of the crew pretended to be into it, but it was just objectively unsettling.

Also, Mickey used to throw his empty styrofoam containers out the car window, but I think you have to view the shit Brent did as worse.

Bobby mostly went along with the nature thing, but he never became a vegetarian and was given to asking, out loud and at dinner parties, “Why are baby animals always the tastiest?” until Phil had a talk with him about indoor thoughts and outdoor thoughts.



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